Sunday, November 26, 2006

what the hell is a blog anyway?

I don’t really understand this whole blogging thing. To me a “blog” is just a web page with almost zero the functionality of a web page.

Think about it. When this whole blogging thing started and right before it took off they all looked the same. The intention of a blog was to make available a quick and easily maintained outlet for some old ladies rants about her neighbors cat or some politically minded yet technically lacking collage kid to have a web page about how much he hates Bush.

But look at them now. Each one can be modified to such an extent that it blurs the lines of what a blog was and a wysiwyg web editor like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or even Homestead.

Take this “blog” for example. I can edit the HTML if I so wished and, well, basically make this into a webpage with free hosting.

It seems that the blogging companies are torn between giving the end user the ability to modify their little interweb home as much as they want and stopping them from doing just that because it may no longer be a “blog”. If they allowed me or anyone to easily change the formatting it would break the blogging principle because, and I cant be sure of this, but I think its written somewhere that all blogs have to have a sidebar of links to other blogs, have very small text, the actual blogging format can not be more than 4 inches wide and they all have to take a hideously long time to scroll to the bottom page.

I fought this blogging thing for a long time. It just seemed so inefficient and impractical. I still do. But I’m jumping on someone else’s train (get a cookie if you get the reference) cause other indie game developers have one too. Maybe I can rub some virtual shoulders and make some contacts.

That rubbing of virtual shoulders sounds so wrong somehow…


sonictk said...

I didn't call my own blog a 'blog' until I made a redesign of my site, and realized that calling it "My Life" was just bad design by confusing visitors. It's just something people can identify with these days, I guess, so that they can expect something.

Like why the hell would I call something my Home page instead of my Main Entrance?

Charles said...

i guess i dont like the term "blog" cause it's so popular. same reason i hated nirvana in high school.