Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Texture Resource Galore!

Wow. I found this little website just 2 minutes ago and I wanted to post about it. In fact I'll create a whole new label for this. Think I'll call it "Game Dev Resources". Yeah, I like that.

Here she is:

This little webby is a really nice texture resource for game makers and the EULA is nice nice to boot. You can read about it as soon as you try to see a texture larger than a thumbnail and it'll give you guys the freedom you need to make games. Especially you level designers.

Basically it says you can put it in your work and even sell your work using the textures you find here. The only thing you can not do is download all their textures and 1) package them to resell and 2) host them on your own site.

Sounds like a good deal to me!

Is it free? Sort of. You can have all the textures you like for free as long as they are 512x512. If you want higher res images you need to pay. BUT their pricing plans are pretty great. Here, have a looksee for yourself.

There are a little over 1000 images, a little over 600 textures and 112 of them have normal maps to boot. that'll save a few minutes of work.

You want to see something really neat? The best part about this web site, besides that it exists, is the way they categorize their textures and then display them to you, the user.

Say you pick some random texture, a STOP sign. Well, the chances that you'll need more signs are pretty great so they offer them all to you via a little dynamic visual tree "thingy". See? Neat huh?

To bad I dont need any of their textures. They dont seem to have any space ship hulls available but it looks to be a new site so it'll grow. May as well grow with it.


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Charles said...

Another texture resource. Have fun.